We like to think of ourselves as rational human beings. But the truth is that we are driven by something else than reason. We are driven by our feelings.  But reason and feelings will always be in conflict with each other.  This conflict can show itself through depression. And the question of who we are is screaming at us.  The environment gives you experiences that create your behaviour.  Behaviour is easily taught and can easily be manipulated. Some will say free will is an illusion.  Then who are we?  Are we a product of our genes and environment?
When we grow up we construct mental models of how things are in this world.  Sometimes these models don’t add up to what our senses are telling us.  Something seems wrong. Human beings are destined to live a life between the two, and create some sort of balance.  That balance can be hard to find, and some tip over to one side or another.  But there is always a choice.  And there is a way out. You have to destroy what you thought was the right way to live according to you models, and create new ones that match how you are feeling.
This is not an easy way to go. Life is nothing but easy.  And it can be scary when you see the emptiness, when all of your illusions are gone. The void can be to hard for many people to look at.  When you stand on the edge of the abyss, you realize you only got yourself.  You have to close the hole, and figure out what to fill it with. Build up a new identity. Be who you want to be.  It’s cathartic. You reached bottom, but you’re still here and from here it can only go forward. Or upwards when you start closing it.


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