I met an African who said to me “You are therefore am I”. It was a random sentence and I think he was drunk. But it made me thinking. We here in the West have determined the fact that we exist on the phrase, put forth by Descartes, “Cogito, ergo sum”.  I think, therefore I am.  We base our existence on our reason. Why not focus on the fact that we feel. We feel love. And we love each other.  The reason I am still here is because of the people I love, and the people who love me.  It can be hard to realize that you are loved. But you are not alone. We all contribute to our existence by interacting, and sharing our feelings. If you were just thinking, that doesn’t mean there will be people there to listen to you. And what kind of existence would that be?

Depression is hard in a way that our mind says one thing, and what is happening around us is not as we perceive it.  People around you give you affection, but a mental block is stopping you from letting it in. And you feel you are not worthy.  The mind is in a haywire and you over think things.  Sometimes you have to let things go and give in to the primitive part of yourself (as some would say), the emotional you. Showing emotion is not a weakness!


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