It disappoints me to see all the blind people in this world. Who say others have problems and not them, because they’re “perfect”. They point out that we lead our lives in the wrong direction. But they’re so blinded they can’t see that they are the ones creating problems.  I’ve spent years listening to people’s problems hoping it would help them change their lives.  Helping those suffering under the blind peoples actions, or trying to prevent them from doing more wrong. I often got disappointed, and I’ve come to learn that you can never help a person who doesn’t want your guidance.
On my birthday my grandmother gave me a book, with it came a card. She had summarized the whole book on all three pages of the card. The book was about a girl that liked to travel (like me) and who gets loured into Communism, Scientology and Yoga. In the end she goes back to her faith, Christianity and is therefore saved.  At first I had to laugh because it was so outrageous. Later on I felt unappreciated. I’ve done so much for her, and this is what I get!  A book that tells me I can’t make my own decisions, I have to follow the Christian path. My grandmother thinks it was yoga that made my uncle depressed. But actually it was the lack of love, trust and understanding growing up. Which is not at all what Jesus acted like. He didn’t judge, he was compassionate towards everybody.     As a result of this my uncle passes this view of life cold and full of rules to the next generation, on to his son.  My father lost all contact with my sister because he didn’t want to pay child support. (That wasn’t the whole reason) He said he never wanted to talk to her again. After a while he asked me for advise. He didn’t understand why she didn’t want to talk to him. I said she wasn’t feeling good at the moment, because she was hurt. I explained to him, and still he could not understand why.  I suggested he say,  “I’m sorry”. If he will I’ll have to see. It doesn’t really matter, because he will never say it sincerely.  He will never understand how much he hurt us growing up. Something blinded him a long time ago.  It’s like he’s wearing blinkers. Other peoples needs don’t exist.  But we’re lucky, we see and we understand. We don’t have to end up like them. We all got a choice, to become a better version of ourselves for us, and the people around us. We all get choices in life. That’s the brilliance of it, to choose our own destiny and become who we want to be!


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