There is something funny about waiting rooms.  Nobody talks, only the people who’ve come in groups of girls or boys, or mixed. They try and look as confident as possible, and talk semi-loud pretending that they’re not ashamed of going to the health station to get checked.  But in their eyes you can se they’re nervous. Nobody smiles.  Everybody’s embarrassed. Those who’ve come alone avoid eye contact. Some are fidgeting with their cell phones, some listen to music and some try to read something to make the time pass. The queue is long, and every time the screen shows a new number all heads turn to see if they’re soon put out of their misery.  When I went to get checked and sat in the waiting room I kind of started to laugh. It’s so bizarre that this is something to be “ashamed” of.  While I was watching the others in the room I forgot to check the screen, and I was so stupid I looked at my ticked up side down.  But they we’re so nice to let me in even though I missed my turn.  In the meantime I started to chat with this nice girl.  A boy she’d slept with some times told her he had Chlamydia. She went to check if she had it, even though they used a condom. She asked me if I thought you can get it orally; and I told her that yes you can get it if you’ve had oral sex with someone.  Most people think you can only get it through intercourse. There are a lot of people to afraid to ask about these questions.  The health nurse was even surprised when I came and started asking very openly about things, and about what I felt lacked of information.  The nice girl and me also talked about the fact that people are ashamed to go there. It should be a more positive thing, because people actually take care of their health.  There is nothing more natural than sex. I feel religions have denied the body for so long, saying we’re spiritually lifted in some way.  But to feel content the body and spirit has to unite. Sexuality is not just body (or sex). It’s very personal and tied to our self-esteem and existence. It’s an interaction between emotions, what’s in the mind, and the body.  Why not acknowledge what we are, and stop pretending that sex with its risks don’t exist!


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