I’ve figured out my travel route for this fall and I’m very excited. This time I’m going to the Caribbean. I’ve been living in Bergen(Norway) for some months now, and people expected me to “settle down”.  But I realized I missed travelling, throwing yourself into the unknown, nobody controlling you, no obligations. Being free as some would put it. Not all are that surprised by my decision, but still wonder why I do this: that I don’t want a boyfriend, move in with him, that I don’t want a schedule or itinerary, finish my education here and get a good job. It’s not that I don’t want all those things that come with “settling down”, husband, babies etc. There are just so many things to experience before “I do all that”. I’m privileged to have these opportunities. I love meeting people, people who don’t take things for granted, who’ve got passion for life. This helps me handle my depression. I’m selfish in a way, but who isn’t? People don’t necessarily understand our choices. Because of what I’ve experienced in life I’m rootless, and I’ve been drawn towards «the Gipsy life». Gipsy is a word that has followed me for about 2 years now. I can’t believe It’s been that long since I had a “fuck everybody”-mentality and left Norway to go to the Occupied Palestinian Territories. I say no regrets, I don’t regret anything and I’ve learned a lot from all of my trips. Even though I don’t intend on staying in Norway it doesn’t mean I’m not going to miss people here, I’m not inhuman. I cherish all my friends. My biggest wish is to be happy.


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  1. Håpar du får mykje godt ut av turen til hausten, eg synest du er modig og ser opp til deg for det, at du tør. Og så håpar eg å kunne tilbringe meir tid med deg i resten av vårsemesteret. 🙂

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