I was watching this film Greenberg; it’s about a forty year old guy who just had a nervous breakdown and finds it difficult doing nothing in life. He meets Florence a girl that just experienced a breakup. They fall in love even though it’s not a healthy relationship. He carries his problems of the past and so does she. They hurt each other; saying a lot of hurtful things that portray their own insecurities. I can say I can relate in doing so. But it’s the truth, hurt people hurt people. The people who surround us from birth (family) don’t always think what’s best for you. Not all follow “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” I personally think it’s a golden rule to live by. Some live in their own hurt and hurt the people around them. I find this scary because it becomes a sort of butterfly effect. The person might not be aware of what he’s saying and people around him interpret it as hurtful. If it continues it becomes devastating for that persons self-worth. Being able to say you’re sorry is very important, and saying it like you mean it. But some use the word as a cheap escape. We all want to be respected, and nothing shows respect and compassion like really understanding that you did wrong. That you don’t wish people that you love that kind of hurt. I’ve experienced a lot of grief and would wish nothing more than those people who hurt me to understand what they did, and show me that they’re sorry. But some have grown into their customs and don’t see beyond themselves. I feel sorry for them. But you can’t fix them, you can only build up yourself and let the past stay in the past. Reconcile with what’s happening around you, and then you’ll become free, free from the vast grip that holds you down. It takes a lot of courage and strength to move forward, to not remain a hurt person that hurt the people around you.


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