I’ve been trying to figure out why the amount of money you have is such a crucial statement of how successful you are. I’ve grown up to think I’m nothing if I’m not rich. Today I bought something in a health store, some essential oils. Later I ran into a friend at the pharmacy, and I was going to pay what I was going to buy. My card didn’t work, so I tried it again. And still it didn’t work. I thought it to be funny because I knew I had money on it. A sense of embarrassment filled me. I tried to shake it of, because why was this even important? I ended up explaining it to my friend, said it must be some bill I’ve forgotten to pay. When I got home I saw that it was the bill for my Visa cards. But I felt vulnerable giving the impression of being poor. I’ve always managed and I work hard for my money. But why am I trying to show that I’m something I’m not, I’m not rich. A lot of my friends have grown up having the comfort that money gives them. They spend a lot, and don’t think twice before buying something like me. I supported myself through High School, working and getting a scholarship from the government, because my mother was a single mom. I never got anything of the child support my father paid it went to pay bills. I didn’t get anything from my father, and my mother couldn’t afford to give me what I wanted. Her family didn’t even help her out with her situation. It was kind of sad having my mother cry in the bathroom, because the money didn’t stretch to raise a family of three.  I cant’ say the government actually helps single moms. We even had to pay the government to continue getting child support. People are ashamed to be poor. Well, I’m poor. I provide for myself, and I’m proud of that. I don’t consider myself poor that’s what other people think.  Being rich is not based on money; it’s your values and who you are. I try to make the most of life, because I was given another chance to live.


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