Many think being vulnerable is a weakness. We don’t want to show our fears and we’re ashamed, thinking we’re not worthy of connection. Thinking “I’m not good enough”. The vulnerability is excruciating. We try to reach perfection to protect ourselves, building a facade. Loosing weight to reach the expectations of the mass media. It’s never enough. We keep ourselves busy, take drugs to dull the sensations of this world. There’s not enough to make us happy or secure, or to give us courage. Courage actually means telling a story with a full heart. It takes courage being a whole hearted person who embraces vulnerability. Believing you’re worthy, worthy of compassion and connection to others. When we numb vulnerability we numb everything. It’s a dangerous cycle. You can find yourself asking “how can I, and why should I be vulnerable?” Because you’re worthy of genuine love and belonging. Let yourself be vulnerable and seen, love, feel joy, live with a whole heart and be true to who you are. You are enough, don’t think you’re anything less.


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