For a long time I’ve been wondering why people turn evil. I like to believe that we’re all born with blank sheets, which makes us good. And that it’s the things we experience that shape us into the people we are. No human is all good or all bad. I started brainstorming the topic with a friend. What is the source of evil actions, like raping women and making them drink the blood of their dead children? This happened in Rwanda during the genocide. Then I thought about a specific thing that everybody loves to do, talk behind other people’s backs. Why do people do it, well it’s because we’re insecure and jealous. And why are we insecure and jealous, because we’re not confident in ourselves. With other words we don’t love ourselves. You have to love yourself before you can love others. This insecurity and jealousy can cause immense evil like that of Hitler’s making. He wanted everybody in Germany to be blue-eyed and blond (Aryan race). He was neither blue-eyed nor blond. This is an extreme example, but if negativity turns to hatred it can be devastating.

Personally I’m tiered of talking about if a girl lost weight, if she dresses ugly or if she’s fake. I’m not a saint so it happens I comment, but afterwards I feel like my energy has been wasted on something not useful.  When I find myself upset with other people it’s often because they’re so stuck in their ways, and refuse to change. And it makes me frustrated and sad when people don’t live up to their potentials. As I wrote about earlier I wish that people live whole hearted lives; to do that you have to be confident and truthful with all that’s on the inside- and the world outside you. It you accept yourself you can accept others. All we really want is acceptance, to be ourselves and live as we choose.  I’m tired of living in a superficial world where we judge others, and don’t dare to look at us in the mirror. Only you have the power to change negative into positive. The mind is a powerful thing. You decide if you want to create a positive atmosphere or continue spreading this disease. I call it a disease because this is the root of depression. Not feeling good about who you are and making others feel the same.  It spreads quickly. It’s a shame really, but we can all try and change this world one step at a time, beginning with you.


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