One day I was with some friends at a café. We started talking about our siblings. Two of us thought we might have more brothers and sister, because our fathers had been married before they met our mothers. We both wished for an older brother or sister that could have protected us while growing up. I didn’t have one, but I have today. I’ve got extra sisters, and an extra grandmother, not biologically but the bond is just as strong. Most of the people in what I consider to be my family are not closely related to me. It’s a different kind of family, but a family nonetheless.

A person I know told me she feels like my protective big sister. I was so happy when she told me, there ’s nothing like feeling cared for. It’s been great having people helping me with my problems. I like taking care of my closest because these people have saved me over and over again when my dark thoughts take over. I thank them all, they are truly my pillars of strength.

I have to say the summer sun has melted away the frosty layer that covered me. And now I feel a sense of fulfilment and warmth. I’m filling myself with good hopes for the future, building up guts to plunge myself into the unknown once more.


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