Summer is the time for summer jobs, earning enough money for another year of study. Some also have to work while studying. It can be hard worrying about paying the bills and standing on your own two feet. Many get financial support from their parents, but not everybody. I got very upset when a director in the Norwegian Bank said that parents should buy apartments for their children while studying. This outraged me; I know a few who actually have parents that buy them apartments in Oslo, the capital of Norway. It’s not realistic for the majority of people studying in Norway. It’s very expensive living here. I won’t lie and say I wish I had that kind of financial comfort, but I don’t. I work for my money; I don’t get a dime from my parents. And No, my parents did not pay for my drivers licence that can peak 30.000 NOK. It’s hard, but it teaches you nothing is free. It might sound cynical, but it’s the way of life. You got to work for the things you want. A lot of people give up and expect things to just come to them. For some it will, but that will prevent them from growing.

I write this to give support to those who are not in a safe financial situation.  I admire all those who work hard to achieve things. I know that one day it will bear fruits.


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