Sometimes at the dinner table we get into heated discussions. This one didn’t end in conflict, because we all agreed on the subject. My sister asked us what party we’re going to vote for this September. My mother didn’t know, but I said I was sick and tired off all the political parties so I’ve decided I’m going to vote for the Environmental Party, The Green. They’re not so popular, but they think about the environment and not themselves. My sister just knew what parties she definitely did not want to vote for, and they were practically all of them.

I used to be a socialist, but now I don’t know. I’m not a big fan of their attitude “everybody has to work, (preferably for the government)”, “you are suppressed if you want to be a stay at home mom”, and “there are no genders, because we’re all the same”. And I find it kind of self-contradictory that they idolise dictators when they claim to fight for democracy. I’m not so fond of the right side of politics either. What the conversation ended up being about was the fact that we women conform ourselves into the behavioural patterns of men. We have to prove we’re equally worthy, that we can do what men can. That we can have high paid jobs and put family making on hold. Most women work in the health sector and those jobs are unfortunately underpaid. And I don’t like that those kinds of jobs get low status. Is striving for success a male thing? And do we all have to want that? If a female quality is caring and nurturing and that represents our sex, then we should be proud of that. We women have reached for the same opportunities as men and that’s been somewhat accepted, and its time to accept and respect what women have done for centuries. Raising children is a job, and it shapes the future of new generations. Caring for others is not a low status thing, it should be equal and be accepted as a career path. I’m very happy to see that men are starting to work in kindergartens and in the hospitals; children need male role models in a non-macho environment and to not grow up in a gender fight. I acknowledge differences between our sexes, but I would like to see the feminine qualities respected to the same extent as men’s. And does the world only need bachelor or master graduates?



2 kommentarer om “One sex debate

  1. «I would like to see the feminine qualities respected to the same extent as men’s.» Det fekk meg til å rope ut JA!, her eg sit på rommet i barndomsheimen og les bloggen din. Kjempegodt skrive nok ein gong med mange gode poeng og eit interessant tema.

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