We used to hide our tampons. (We stopped using towels because it showed too much, or we thought it showed through our pants.) When going to the toilet to change you had to use as little time as possible, so nobody would suspect anything. It was awfully embarrassing dropping a tampon on the floor, in case anybody saw it. We used to put it in our pant-pocket and nonchalant cover it with our hand.  We girls are happy now when we can stop the process entirely and not getting pregnant. I use an Implanon, I can’t say I’m not happy because having menstruation is quite a messy business. One girl in my class told me her mother wanted to celebrate with champagne when she became a woman. In a way I think we deserve a celebration. I think its enough that we have to live up to the standards portrayed in magazines, being skinny, have hairless bodies, volumized luscious hair, pretend we don’t go to the toilet, and hide our womanhood (the fact that we get our periods).

tbc- to be continued


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