In an earlier post Girlism part 3 I told you I could never imagine myself posing naked, ever. Recently I was an extra in a movie. They first told me they needed extras in clothing. I came to the set and they needed me to be naked. First I was shocked, but they said I could wear a tank top and panties. I said okay.  Then they changed their mind and needed someone to sit on a bench and they would film that person naked from behind. My heart was racing and I discussed it in my mind, “I’m not ashamed of my body, and they’re going to film me from behind. And they’re also going to film my tattoo”. I said “Yes”. I even got a compliment afterwards; they said my ass looked very good on the bench.

While waiting I talked with some of the extras, some of them were nudists. It was kind of liberating talking about nudity. As a woman the female ideal is forced upon us and we feel inadequate. But we are different. We can not all fit one standard model. I think all body types are amazing, and nudity isn’t always sexual. It’s not like I get aroused seeing some guys penis. The whole situation made me look at my body in a new way. We’re all different and that’s wonderful. I’m happy I’m unique, and so are you!


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