Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the educational systems in different countries. In Valencia I’ve met Germans, French, Danish, American etc who’ve told me about education in their countries (mostly because I’m asking). In nearly all countries you have to choose one thing, if you decide not to continue you have to start from scratch. In Norway, if you study humanities or social science, you get one year in the middle of your bachelor to choose a different subject. And the first semester of your bachelor you study philosophy, ethics and academic writing, to prepare you for studying at a university. I did this semester in Mexico. I’m so lucky! But still I think Norwegians don’t appreciate the great system we have, we always complain. Nothing is ever good enough. I’ve had the chance to study so many different things and still I’ll get a bachelor in the end. And we pay almost nothing for our education. Of course Norway is an incredibly expensive country. Our money goes to housing and food. I don’t come from a rich family, though people think everybody from Norway is rich. I work every summer holiday to get enough money. I’m neither lazy nor snobby. But I do live better here in Spain than in Norway.

Another thing that irritates me is the bad reputation the Waldorf Schools have. People say the strangest things: that we can’t write, we play with dolls without faces or with rocks. I didn’t know that in most countries they can’t go to high school through the Waldorf system, they have to take public exams or go to a public high school. I went to a Waldorf School in my city Stavanger, and I wouldn’t change my education there for the world. I’m so happy that I didn’t have to take a year over again at a “normal” school. If you’re wondering what a Waldorf/Steiner school is you can google it, it’s too much for me to explain in just some sentences.

Those of you who do get to have an education, please be grateful because not everybody is as fortunate.


6 kommentarer om “Education is the best!…or is it?

  1. «But I do live better here in Spain than in Norway.»
    Would like to hear more on that!#
    And agreed, i also agree that there’s a lack of appreciation for the system in Norway. Even the IDEA of education being free (not to mention the facilities and options to craft your education) constantly baffels me!
    Miss you! xxx

    1. Financially I do live better here. And many people I’ve met have travelled, so I feel they know a bit more then people who’ve just stayed in their home country their whole life.
      We should skype someday; I know I’m still a bit bad at keeping in touch. But I’ll get better!
      Miss you too!

  2. I am very much in agreement with Waldorf and Montessori philosophies. I live in STavanger for the moment, could you please tell me if you know any Waldorf or MOntessori barneage here?…I’d really much like to put my son into this typw of kindy…for the moment he’s in a regular barnehage, but I am looking for options:)…thanks, Cristina

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