These last couple of weeks have been quite stressy; I found out I’ve got a baby brother who’s three months old and that my father got married. It was quite a shock for all of us. I haven’t seen my father in two years and then for him to contact me all of a sudden: calling, leaving messages, sending texts, adding me on Skype, sending messages on Facebook (I don’t have him as a friend on Facebook). He was coming to Norway to make the baby a Norwegian citizen.

I was freaking out when I heard the news because I thought he couldn’t do anything worse than what he has done, but he always manages to top himself. I felt really alone. I talked with some that I know here in Spain, I skyped with my mother and my sisters. In a way I’m quite happy that I wasn’t there in the middle of it, and that I didn’t have to see him in Norway. I’ve had it with him meddling in my life, and always when I feel he’s lost his hold on me he goes and does something stupid again and I get dragged into it.  I also had my first exam here in Spain, one week after I found out (we got two weeks to study for it). I didn’t feel like doing anything, but I went out and tried to forget it. On top of it all I had to plan my Easter holiday. I had a really nice time, and I’m very impressed that I managed to pull everything together. First I went to Seville and I stayed with a girl from Canada. It was very spontaneous and I loved it. I also met my friend from Japan there and we all went to see the processions of Semana Santa. The hooded men were a bit scary because they looked like ku klux klan. They use these long pointy hats that apparently makes them closer to God, but the outfit originally comes from the Spanish Inquisition when they punished and killed so-called heretics. We even got a photo with one of them and he gave us a pendant of Jesus…


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