During this stressy exam time of the year I’m actually quite at ease with everything. I’ve met wonderful people here in Valencia, but it took some time finding them. Going abroad you’re very open to meeting new people, some want to be themselves and others want to show themselves from their best side. In the beginning I thought I met some people I could trust, that turned out to blow up in my face, but I feel I’ve learnt something from it all. I’m very open about stuff so most people know me, I’m honest and always myself with every mood that that entails. If I’m upset you can definitely see it on my body language.

One girl told me to never tell anything personal to anybody, because you can’t trust anyone. But I personally want to trust people and at least give them a chance, though people don’t always act the way they’re supposed to.  You get disappointed, but you learn that that person wasn’t supposed to be your friend, you move on and find others who are much better, because you deserve it! There’s no use hoping that someone will change for you, they will only change when they want to.


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  1. I don’t think it’s about telling everybody everything or doing the opposite, keeping quite and not telling people anything. Trust is about getting to know people in yours and theres own speed. And finding someone who you connect with and who’s kinda on the same page as you, but also who wants to listen to your stories and/or share their stories. Yes I trust. But there’s a time and place for that also. Blindly trusting people will be nothing less than naive. Trusting people is also about getting to know them and trusting yourself enough to know if these are people who you want to have close to your heart or as just friendly casual strangers. Trust is about finding balance with yourself and in relation with other people. Take a child as an example. A healthy child with a good upbringing, parenting and safe environment will cling to her parent and be shy or take time before connecting to a stranger (This stranger being a friend of the family etc. the child hasn’t met before). Psychological speaking this is a healthy and wise first reaction that tells us that the stranger needs to earn the child’s trust. You might ask yourself what if the child blindly »trusts» and greets the stranger and sits on their laps quickly… Then that is a sign that the child is really unsafe and experiencing bad parenting (like violence or sexual abuse). -My point being taking caution is never a bad thing. Trust should take some reasonable time and effort to earn. Maybe that way you can skip the bad people and find the good people first.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I do agree with what you’re saying, but I feel you learn from each and every person you encounter so I wouldn’t skip anything.
      Here’s more or less my opinion:
      Before I didn’t trust people mostly because of my upbringing and being put through physical and psychological abuse. But as time went by I started to trust people, but I told myself never to get my hopes up. So if people turned out to be kind and honest it would be a pleasant surprise. And I started being me, telling people how I felt because people have feelings, we can’t just pretend that nothing affects us. Some will use the information they have against you, but it doesn’t hurt because people already know your secrets so if they’re going to say it to somebody you don’t know, that won’t affect you. If you lay everything out there you won’t have any skeletons in your closet for other people do drag out and hurt you with. That’s why I think you don’t lose anything by being yourself as you do when you’re fake and living behind a mask. I don’t regret taking chances with people, because you’ll always learn something new about yourself and find friends worthy of you and vice versa.

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