I’ve fought hard to get to where I am now, but sometimes I think how great it would be not having to fight anymore. A lot of people which I try to keep out of my life follow me like ghosts, and contact me whenever they feel like it, making me feel baffled and shocked over their next move.

My dad contacted me the day I got accepted to go to art school, I was so happy earlier and then very surprised to se him leaving me a message in my inbox on Facebook. I haven’t seen him in two years, and the last time he tried to contact me was in March, when my sister told me he had gotten married and that I now have a baby brother (who’s now 6 months I think). I told him to go to hell. This time he wrote something stupid like “Accept this kind request and my wish is to follow whatever you say attentively. Sincerely, the loony” After consulting my older sister we decided to ask for the money he promised to give us 5 months ago. He answered me by writing one of his stupid jokes and said because I had been acting badly I wouldn’t get anything, but my younger sister would. Right there he was saying ‘I had no right to be upset that my 60 year old father didn’t tell me I’ve got a brother or that he got married’. I told him he could go to hell and that he wasn’t my father or my other sister’s father, and that I have a new one. I told him to never write to me again, never. He seems to have this amazing ability to fuck you over when you least expect it. I’m done with that, I don’t want his money, and he’s never helped me out with anything financially. I helped me out, and it was our mother that provided for us when we were children. He’s so greedy. When my sisters met him in Norway one of them asked him: is it hard taking care of the baby? He laughed and said: Yes, for her (his wife)…


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  1. Aveces la vida es asi mami no todas las personas tienen una madurez como lo demuestra tu padre es inmaduro siempre fue asi su caracter ser asi creo que le hace sentirse bien ,a mi tampoco no me gusta que sea asi pero todo en la vida se encargara de hacerle ver que nunca debio llevar la vida que lleva ,porque quizas nunca supo ser un buen padre como hubieses querido que lo sea ,no sabe compartir los bellos momentos que significa ser padre o madre quizas nunca se de cuenta o si tambien ,solo te aconsejo linda que lo perdones y trata de nunca pedirle ayuda para nada trata de salir adelante tu sola para que un dia digas yo logre salir sola adelante y ser una gran profesional en lo que tu desees en lo que a ti te guste y nadie tendra derecho a pedirte explicaciones de nada .Ojala un dia podamos conversar con mas confianza cuentame tus cosas tus inquietudes quizas en algo te pueda ayudar .A estas alturas de la vida tiene un hijo que irresponsabilidad de parte de tu padre mira cuando el bb tenga 10 años el tendra 70 y picos .Trata de no tener rencor hacia el pero sal adelante se que lo haras porque tienes una madre y hermana que te quieren y toda la familia de Peru que siempre te esperara y te ama ,abrazos cuidate te quieren Diego y Noelia y yo porsupuesto .

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