Is it true that women are from Venus and men from Mars? I think I put having a relationship on hold because I thought so. I thought we were very different, but are we? Of course there are physiological differences, but we all feel and want to share what’s happening in our lives. I used to despise men, thinking everybody’s a prostitute-using asshole (like my dad). Most guys I’ve met in my life have tried to put me down, but I always power through. I’ve never let a man not know that he’s undermining me. I guess I’m kind of a feminist.

Recently my uncle told my mother that I should delete this blog (in his mind ”protecting” me from not getting any jobs in the future, and he didn’t see any point in writing it). A lot of men in my life feel threatened by me and say things to make me feel bad about myself, and leaving me feeling used. They can say whatever they want; I’m not going to remove my voice. And yes, I want my voice to be heard because a lot of people suffer in their personal lives. Family issues are quite common and I want to speak out, not feeling ashamed about it so that things still stay taboo. What I talk about (when I write about my personal life) happen to a lot of people: anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, violence. The list is long. But I’m so happy that I’ve mostly gotten supporting comments. I don’t need people’s pity, I want people to understand and be understanding of people’s struggles in their daily life. I’m telling you: your wounds will heal.


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  1. Men and women are quite different and face quite different circumstances. Trying to be the opposite gender is an easy way to get hurt for most.

    Men mostly don’t express their feelings because most people don’t care about men. We’re the disposable sex, and you tend to learn from long experience that talking about your feelings doesn’t help you. Our brains aren’t especially well suited to doing so either. You only tend to get value and praise by helping others. It’s great if you can be yourself and produce value, but if you can’t no one’s gonna help you, outside of immediate family members.

    Women are heavily supported by people. I notice you have a tag, being yourself. There’s lots of effort by many groups (government, hollywood, media, schools etc) to support women in enjoying being themselves and being happy, and women tend to be valued even if they don’t do anything useful for anyone else. Your brains tend to be better at crosslinking emotions and communications too.

    Men and women are different, but not always in the ways you’d expect. Even if men in your life correctly felt that talking about their emotions was unhelpful for them, you are not them. I totally support you talking out and helping others with their trauma. You can use your natural ability to communicate your emotions to help others and feel better with it.

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