Tour Stavanger

15871635_1300791173324301_974713417358624560_nWelcome to Stavanger!

My name is Silje Isabel and I am very interested in practicing languages and sharing the culture of my country and my city. I’m not a qualified guide as I don’t have license, but since I grew up here I have a lot of knowledge about the region.


Come join me and discover the secrets of Stavanger with the Tour of Stavanger city. The Tour starts at Stavanger Cathedral and ends in the charming Old city of Stavanger. Please sign up at the bottom of this page or send me a message through the Facebook page. I promise it will be exciting!



1 hour and 30 minutes



Look for the guide with a green sign.


  • Stavanger Cathedral
  • Arneageren
  • Fargegata
  • Valbergtårnet
  • The Geopark
  • Vågen
  • & The old city



The Tour of Stavanger City starts on time at 10.00 AM from the 7th of June to the 10th of August.   NB: Week 28- 29 I will not be available to guide. 

 * The guided tour is based on donations and will only take place if there are at least 4 participants. 

** The Tour is available in English or Spanish.

***Tours in Stavanger are aimed at individual visitors. Groups of 10 or more should book a private tour and are subject to a 5 € or 50 kr per person charge.

Have a nice day 🙂